Our Services

Doing Real Work, Inc. is a team of professionals dedicated to Court Advocate and Case Management services. We receive Client referrals from the Municipal and District Courts in Wyandotte County, Kansas. We assess the client’s needs recommended by the court, provide assistance, and resources.

During court proceedings, we also ensure that our clients’ best interests are assisted in every way possible. There is a strong emphasis on Child Support and Eviction cases. We also conduct training programs for ex-offenders (Inside-Out Dad) to focus on family values and employment opportunities to become family and community whole again.

Our Services Include:

  • Case Management
  • Community Outreach
  • Court Advocacy
  • Bilingual Availabilty

Employment Issues

  • Employment Referrals
  • Resume Assistance

We primarily serve a large population of the community that is not financially able to meet their obligations to satisfy their court fines and costs due to unemployment. Come to us if your case on child support or traffic issues is affecting your employment. We assist those who have been referred to us by the Municipal and District Court, making sure that you get all the necessary information to assist you.

Helping the Homeless

If you are or someone you know is homeless, we are here to lend a helping hand. We help the homeless by providing clients a list of community shelters for temporary housing. Contact us for more details.


Please take note that we only offer Case Management. We are not attorneys and therefore cannot provide legal advice.

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